• File a New Court Case

File a new court case by lodging the application and paying the court fees, now or later, without any extra charge. To declare an appeal or a legal remedy, use Submit Documents in an Existing Court Case.

File a Case
  • Submit Documents in an Existing Court Case

Submit any kind of documents, signed in handwriting and scanned or signed in electronic form, in an existing court case.

Submit Documents
  • Pay the Court Fees in an Existing Case

Pay, without any extra charge, the court fees calculated by the court or by you in an existing case before the court.

Pay Court Fees
  • Obtain a Court Case Certificate

Get a court certificate with information about your case number, submission date, party names, and other data.

Obtain Certificate
  • Obtain Certified Copies of Decisions

Obtain certified copies of a decision from a court case.

Obtain Certified Copies
  • Obtain Copies of Operative Parts from Decisions

Obtain certified copies of the operative part of a decision containing the court verdict in a case.

Obtain Copy of Operative Part
  • Lists of Court Hearings

You can access online in real time the lists of court hearings from the courts in the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal Galați (examined cases, cases waiting their turn, suspended hearings).

Lists of Court Hearings
  • Electronic Case File

You can access the electronic form of your court case file if you have agreed to receiving the court correspondence in electronic form.

Electronic Case File
  • Appointments for Case File Study / Submission of Documents

Schedule an appointment in order to submit documents, study case files or make other requests personally with the public relations centers, registries and archives of the courts.

Create an Appointment Online
  • Collection of Historical Documents

Access the collection of historical documents from the archival collection of the National Archives – Galați County Service regarding the Court of Appeal Galați and the courts in Galați County.

Archive Collection
  • Official Court Case Correspondence

Indirectly access summons, subpoenas, notifications and other official correspondence received by email or SMS. You need the received passcode to access the documents.

Access to Court Correspondence
  • Contact the Court

Send an email to the court with the issues you are reporting or with your requests that cannot be made using the buttons on this page. You will receive a copy of the email sent to the court as proof of dispatch.

Contact the Court