Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the cases registered with the courts, the deadlines granted, the measures ordered, the court hearings, the court organisation, the recruitment procedures held, the contact details and, in general, about the activity of the courts can be found on the portal

When you make a request, submit documents or access any service through our portal, you automatically receive, to your e-mail address specified in the form, a copy of the e-mail message sent to the registrar of the court containing your request, with all the attached documents, including a message concerning the successful payment of the court fee. At the same time, when you pay a court fee via the portal, you will also receive by e-mail a proof of payment from

We pride ourselves on having at least 99% uptime on the operation of our portal. However, it may happen that, for technical reasons that are often beyond our control, your request is not received by the court or the message with the proof of dispatch does not reach your e-mail inbox.

We therefore recommend that if you have not received proof of dispatch by e-mail within one hour from the time of the request, you resend your request to the court via one of the alternative channels: e-mail, fax, post or courier services. The contact details of the courts can be found on the portal

To obtain access to the electronic court case file, please fill in and send the “Request for electronic communication in case files” (including your e-mail address and mobile phone number). The request for electronic communication in case files is available as pdf and word. You can upload the request to your case file using the section Submit documents in an existing court case.

In this situation, you should send to the registry of the court where you have the case(s) pending, using our page Contact the court , a request for modification of access data, specifying the case number for which you want the modification to be made.

To resolve this situation, you should contact the clerk handling the case file or the chief clerk of the section concerned and request access data. The clerk will send you a communication with the necessary access data. To contact the clerk, please use the contact page of the court where the case is pending.

Most of the time, due to a cache problem in the internet browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, etc.), the SMS code request does not go through. Try clearing this cache or try accessing the electronic case file with another browser. If the problem persists, contact the Court of Appeal Galați.

No. At the time you were appointed to a case, the court clerk should have informed you electronically. In the e-mail you received, you will find the login details for the electronic case file. If you have searched and were unable to find this e-mail message for a specific case file, contact the relevant court.

It is important to know where you are resident because, if you live in Romania, the payment of the court fees is made to the account of that respective mayor’s office.

The town you desire does not appear in the lists from the forms because the mayor’s office in question is either not registered with or does not accept payment without authentication through You can find the list of institutions enlisted here. The list of mayor’s offices that accept online payment of court fees is updated by our portal, once an hour, by connecting via an application programming interface (API) to

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