About Our Project

Our institution, the Court of Appeal Galați, is a promoter of digitalization in the judiciary.

We have made ourselves known through several projects, including:

  • We are the first court of appeal to implement the electronic communication system for procedural documents and the electronic case file in its entire constituency, which includes the 13 active courts in the counties of Galați, Brăila and Vrancea.
  • We have launched the online platform for scheduling personal appointments with court registries, archives and public relations centers.
  • We have created the document processing robot that uses artificial intelligence (state-of-the-art neural networks) and currently processes and uploads to the internal applications approximately 1 million documents daily across the country
  • We launched the project Historia through which we offer jurists, researchers and the public free and direct access to historical documents concerning the courts from Galați county, extracted and digitized from the National Archives’ collection.
  • We have signed electronic communication agreements with almost all public authorities and institutions that have a high volume of activity in the courtroom.
  • We have fully implemented, in all courtrooms and courts, the technical means and procedures for videoconference participation in civil and criminal hearings.

For most of the services provided by the courts (filing a new court case, declaring an appeal or another judicial remedy, issuance of certified copies of court decisions, issuance of court case certificates, etc.), the applicant owes a court fee, which is paid in the account of the administrative-territorial unit (mayor’s office) in which the natural person has his residence or, as the case may be, in which the legal person has its registered office, according to art. 40 para. (1) of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 80/2013 on court fees.

We want to digitize these services and make it easier for the public, lawyers and legal advisers to access them.

As a result, it is necessary for the parties to the case, legal professionals and all interested parties to be able to easily make the online payment, by bank card, of the court fees, and this payment should be made together with the application to the court, in a fast and integrated way, just like when we buy products in the e-commerce and immediately pay the price of the purchased goods.

Moreover, we are convinced that citizens would benefit if the online payment of taxes, integrated into the workflow, were implemented by all authorities and public institutions in Romania, not only by the courts.

Everything we do, we do “proudly for Romania”.

Proudly for Romania

The portal created by the Court of Appeal Galați is a single electronic point of request for services for all the courts in its jurisdiction. Therefore, you will no longer need to go to the courthouse to file the application or to the post office or the mayor’s office to pay the court fee.

We have signed an Interconnection Agreement between our portal and the National Electronic System for Online Payment of Taxes (SNEP), which operates the website ghiseul.ro.

Within this project, a programmatic interface (API) has been developed for integrating the online payment of court fees with our portal.

In order to give you a smooth experience, but also to avoid using the same proof of payment of the court fees for different requests, the payment is fully integrated into the steps of the online service – by redirecting between our portal, ghiseul.ro and back – similar to the online payment mechanism in private e-commerce.

The programmatic interface (API) can be easily extended to allow the integrated online payment of any type of tax or fee for any authority and public institution in Romania.

  • Single electronic access point to services for all 13 active courts in the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal Galați (the Court of First Instance Însurăței is no longer active and does not appear in the portal).
  • Work in comfort. No more going to the court to file actions, declare appeals or other judicial remedies, submit applications or documents.
  • Work in maximum safety with full traceability. You will receive by e-mail proof of sending the message to the court and proof of receipt of the message by the court.
  • Use the fastest way to interact with the courts. The court will receive the e-mail message when the registrar accesses the court’s e-mail inbox (every few minutes). Using the portal is the fastest way to send documents to the courts, faster or at worst similar in speed to e-mail.
  • Pay your court fees simply and easily, with no extra charges and no further hassles with the court. Choose the court, enter the name of the party and the case number, pay the court fees without any extra charge by taking advantage of the integration with the website ghiseul.ro, and proof of payment of the court fees will automatically be sent to the court to be attached to the case file. A copy of the proof will also be sent to you. If you are filing a new court case, you can choose to pay the court fees at that time, or you can leave it until later.
  • Avoid all hassles. No more going to the post office or mayor’s office to pay the court fees. No longer have to work with scanned proofs of payment of court fees or PDF files with electronic payment orders. The payment process is fully integrated into the workflow, just like in the private e-commerce. In addition, the possibility of using the same proof of payment of court fees for several applications is removed.
  • Send the link to the clients to pay the court fees themselves. Then ask for the proof they received by email to make sure everything is OK.
  • Obtain with maximum speed court case certificates and certified copies of decisions. Submit your request to the court, enter the number of copies you want, the method of delivery (e-mail, post or pickup from the courthouse), pay the relevant court fees (if you are not exempt) and beat the bureaucracy without personally going to the court.
  • The portal has an interface in English, for customers who do not speak Romanian.
  • The portal gives you access to the electronic case file, the online lists with the court hearings, the collection of historical documents of the Court, the application for making personal appointments with the departments working with the public within the courts.
  • Use the page Contact the Court to get quick solutions to problems such as missing documents from the electronic case file or electronic communication errors.
  • We are paving the way for the rapid digitisation and integrated online payment of services provided by all public authorities and institutions in Romania.

Ours is a pilot project and we want to extend it to the other courts and to other public authorities and institutions in the country.

The programmatic interface (API) to connect to SNEP – ghiseul.ro is secure, easy to use, based on industry standards (HTTP GET and POST requests) and is very easy to adapt for any tax, duty or payment required in relation to any authority and public institution in Romania.

The general scheme with the interconnection between the two electronic systems (our portal and SNEP – ghiseul.ro) is as follows:

Interconnection scheme cagl.ro - SNEP (ghiseul.ro)

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